Gold Price Today June 2023, Gold Price Today, Gold Rate Today 2023

Gold Price Today June 2023, Gold Price Today, Gold Rate Today 2023

Gold Price Today: There is a golden opportunity for those who want to buy gold, now the price of gold has decreased in the market, so if any person or woman wants to buy gold, then you will get a lot of benefit, you can buy gold jewelry at low prices because the price of gold is constantly increasing It has been decreasing since days, here we will show you all the gold prices of the previous day as well as today’s gold prices of some cities. Friends, gold is a very valuable commodity, before buying gold, a person has to think about how he can buy gold and it is considered a very pure metal. While buying gold, you should identify the quality of gold, only after that you should buy gold and what are the new prices of today, they should also be aware of them.

Right now the rate of gold is continuously decreasing in India. Due to the fall in the price of gold in the share market, the price of gold has also fallen in the local market and this has benefited the general public who can buy them as jewelry and at very low prices as compared to other days. Very cheap today. Gold Price Today June 2023

Gold jewelry is the choice of every woman. But not every woman can get into the army, the information about how gold is identified has been made available through this website, which is given in the following form. By reading you can know how gold is recognized. Gold price today in cities like Delhi in India is ₹60,500 for 10 grams of 24 carat Similarly, there are some big cities where the price of gold is as follows which is given in the table below.

Gold Price Today- 22 June 2023


City Grams (24k) Price ₹
Ahmedabad 10 gram 60,490
Amritsar 10 gram 60,400
Bengaluru 10 gram 60,450
Bhopal 10 gram 60,445
Chennai 10 gram 60,420
Coimbatore 10 gram 60,520
Delhi 10 gram 60,415
Faridabad 10 gram 60,280
Gurgaon 10 gram 60,345
Hyderabad 10 gram 60,435
Jaipur 10 gram 60,375
Kanpur 10 gram 60,535
Kochi 10 gram 60,425
Kolkata 10 gram 60,380
Lucknow 10 gram 60,545
Madurai 10 gram 60,560
Meerut 10 gram 60,520
Mumbai 10 gram 60,290
Patna 10 gram 58,850
Visakhapatnam 10 gram 60,440

Gold Price Today June 2023

Gold Price Yesterday

City Grams (24k) Price ₹
Ahmedabad 10 gram 61,170
Amritsar 10 gram 61,125
Bengaluru 10 gram 61,170
Bhopal 10 gram 61,110
Chennai 10 gram 61,160
Coimbatore 10 gram 61,230
Delhi 10 gram 61,115
Faridabad 10 gram 61,060
Gurgaon 10 gram 61,010
Hyderabad 10 gram 61,160
Jaipur 10 gram 61,080
Kanpur 10 gram 61,070
Kochi 10 gram 61,165
Kolkata 10 gram 61,100
Lucknow 10 gram 61,080
Madurai 10 gram 61,245
Meerut 10 gram 61,055
Mumbai 10 gram 60,915
Patna 10 gram 59,275
Visakhapatnam 10 gram 61,200

How to identify pure gold?

In recent times, many electronic devices have also come to check the purity of gold, but the special thing is that there is an order from the government that if any gold shopkeeper cannot see gold without a hallmark, that is why A single BIS code is written on them. Which symbolizes the purity of gold. Mobile application comes to check BIS code. Which is called a BIS code mobile application. This mobile app is available in the play store of everyone’s mobile. Gold Price Today June 2023

Through this, the person buying gold will get all kinds of information about the weight of the gold, how old it is and how many carats it is. Gold always shines. Gold is also very soft to touch. Gold can also be tested through domestic means – if the gold changes color by putting a drop of vinegar on it, then that gold is considered fake.

How many carats is pure gold?

Pure gold is always of 24 carats, in this form gold is completely saline which is extracted from the mine, this gold is not eligible to make ornaments, 2 carats are subtracted from it to make it ornaments and Instead, other metals such as silver are added. Due to which gold becomes solid and its jewelry can be made. Altogether it becomes 24 carats. That is why pure gold jewelry is 24 carat in solid state and is available at the highest level of prices in the market. Jewelry made of 22 carats is available at lower prices than these. 24 and 22 carat gold are available in the market at different prices. Presently the price of 22 carat 10 gram gold in the market is ₹ 55700. Telegram Group

What is BIS Code and how does it work?

BIS code is a hallmark stamp run by the Government of India, which is pasted on gold, it is considered a government stamp, without it, there is no existence of gold, that is why all the present jewelry is stamped with BIS code. The symbol is triangular. Which is clearly written on gold. The BIS code can be seen through the image below. Gold Price Today June 2023

Gold Price Today June 2023, Gold Price Today, Gold Rate Today 2023

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