Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video [Today Link, full Watch, Today YouTube Link]

Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video [Today Link, full Watch, Today YouTube Link]

Hello, everyone. We have some significant news coming in from Jalandhar, Punjab. Yes, indeed, I want to share with you that there has been a leak of an explicit video involving the well-known Kulhad Pizza couple from Jalandhar (Kulhad Pizza Couple MMS Video). In the wake of this disturbing incident, the affected individual, a Sikh, took to Facebook to shed light on the truth and seek assistance from the public. Emotionally charged, this individual has unveiled crucial details about the conversations with the blackmailer. With folded hands, they are earnestly reaching out to people, saying, ‘I need your help. If anyone possesses the explicit Kulhad Pizza couple video, please delete it and refrain from sharing it.

The Kulhad Pizza couple, while addressing the entire controversy live on Facebook, revealed that just four days ago, they welcomed a newborn child into their lives. However, instead of cherishing the joy in their home, a somber atmosphere prevails. Their family’s situation has taken a dire turn, leaving them emotionally shattered. They are uncertain about what tomorrow may bring, and no one would wish for a video to go viral under such circumstances.

Fifteen days ago, they lodged a complaint at the police station regarding a case of blackmail. The girl in question messaged them through a bank account, and she also made their chat messages public, as evident in the video. The individual responsible for the video’s virality is currently live, falsely accusing the couple. It appears that this entire situation was meticulously planned.

Kulhad pizza Couple Viral video – Highlights

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Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video ‘Real or Fake’

The couple is running the business of Kulhad Pizza became very famous in the last couple of years. Recently, the news of the Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video came to light in which the couple is found in an offensive position. The name of this couple is Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur who belongs to Jalandhar city. The couple said that “the video is fake and this is a conspiracy of their competitor who wants to spoil their reputation in front of their fans and followers”.

After allegations were made against them, they became silent and scared. The couple is well-known for their unique Kulhad pizza business, wh0 came under fire on Wednesday after posting an X-rated video. According to them, the video is generated by AI and is fake. They also filed an FIR after a blackmailing message was received on their Instagram. To get full information related to the Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video, Download the link, whether the video is fake or not, and many more, stay connected with us

Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Today Link

The controversial video featuring the Kulhad Pizza couple garnered widespread attention on Instagram and various other social media platforms last Wednesday. The owner of the establishment clarified that in today’s digital age, it is relatively simple to create a video of this nature using artificial intelligence (AI). Sehaj Arora has issued an official statement asserting that the leaked private video is, in fact, fake.

Following an extortion attempt, an official FIR has been registered at Thana Number 4 in Jalandhar. The video has been rapidly circulating across the internet, and you can access the download link for the Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral video on our webpage.

This isn’t the first instance where the couple has made headlines. A few years ago, they were involved in a public dispute with a customer over the perceived low quality of their food. In response to these allegations, Saroj Arora also posted a video in which he urged people not to share the video with others, warning that strict action would be taken against those who did so.

Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video
Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video

Kulhad Pizza Viral Video incident

Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur are known for their food business in Jalandhar by the name of Kulhad Pizza Couple. Recently, the private video of this couple leaked on the internet. This private video allegedly belonged to the Kulhad pizza couple. Just 15 days before this video went viral on various social media platforms, they had received a message from a stranger on their Instagram ID.

That user was blackmailing them for making a payment otherwise they would post the video on the internet and make it viral. After that the couple decided, not to give money to this stranger they went to the police station and registered a complaint about this incident that happened with them. The police department arrested some people on this matter but couldn’t take action against this incident. After some days of this happening, suddenly the video of this couple gained a lot of action and was discovered to be fake.

Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Download

The link to the “Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video” has been circulated on social media as well as on Telegram, allowing users to view its content. In the video, it appears to depict the couple in question, although they have consistently maintained that AI Generated can manipulate videos to an extent where identities are altered. They have firmly asserted that they are not the individuals featured in the video.

Currently, the police are actively investigating this matter. Nevertheless, the video’s link is being vigorously searched for and shared by users online, creating a significant online buzz and interest. Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Download Link.

Kulhad pizza Couple Viral video

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